Who We Are

Our research approach is driven entirely by clinical need. In our 22 years of work, we have
addressed a number of clinical needs with implantable devices, drug delivery combinations,
interventional devices and the use of novel biomaterials.



In our headquarter office, we have all of the core scientific disciplines in addition to business and finance operations as well as intellectual property. Rani Therapeutics is also located here.

2051 Ringwood Ave, San Jose, CA 95131, USA


Our San Antonio focuses on implantable leads manufacturing, drug pumps, drug formulation, patch and sensing technologies and cardiac circulatory support systems. It is also home to several InCube portfolio companies.

12500 Network Blvd. Ste. 112 San Antonio, TX 78249, USA


Our Milpitas location focuses on active implantables, neuromodulation devices, as well as microelectronics and implant manufacturing. Our manufacturing partner, Modulus, is also located here.

518 Sycamore Drive, Milpitas, California, CA 95035, USA

quote-slider-blueI am passionate about changing healthcare and coming up with new solutions that will impact the lives of millions of patients.

Mir Imran, Chairman & CEO

quote-slider-blueThe Solution to Every Problem is Embedded in the Understanding of the Problem.

Mir Imran, Chairman & CEO

quote-slider-blueInnovation is the identification and definition of a problem that is worthy of solution.

Mir Imran, Chairman & CEO

quote-slider-blueIn the pursuit of disruptive innovations…failure is a constant companion and success an occasional visitor.

Mir Imran, Chairman & CEO