Innovation Transforming Patient Outcomes

At InCube, our research approach is driven entirely by clinical need. As a result, we are generally agnostic to specific technologies, and we tend to apply the most appropriate technology for the clinical need at hand.

In our work over the years, we have addressed a number of clinical needs with implantable devices, drug delivery combinations, interventional devices and the use of novel biomaterials.

Going forward, in many of our current research projects, the solutions we're developing are a unique blend of traditional device technologies such as electronics, software, mechanical engineering and material science, as well as pharmaceuticals, protein chemistry and cell biology.

Having such a broad range of technology and scientific disciplines at our disposal allows us to address the most complex unsolved or poorly treated clinical needs. Our innovations in the area of drug delivery are a great set of examples that attest to the power of this multi-disciplinary approach and our unique ability to harness it.