Interventional Devices

Over the years, we have developed a number of interventional devices and surgical approaches to address a broad range of therapeutic areas. In cardiac-rhythm management, we pioneered various endocardial mapping & ablation techniques and technologies. We've also made groundbreaking contributions to interventional cardiology.

Most interventional devices require a deep understanding of polymer materials and processing techniques such as extrusion, molding, and thermoforming, as well as metals and their processing. Most importantly, to guide the optimum development of these devices, a rich knowledge of anatomy, physiology and disease pathology is also critical.

Examples of our work in this area include:

  • Endocardial mapping & ablation devices for ventricular & atrial arrhythmias
  • Intervential cardiology devices
    • Microcatheter for chronic total occlusions
    • Coronary angioplasty & stents
    • Biomimetic stent grafts
    • Embolic protection devices
  • Trans-urethral needle ablation (TUNA)
  • Neurovascular devices for the treatment of aneurysms
  • Soft tissue biopsy devices