Implantable Devices

The development of implantable devices requires a deep understanding of a variety of technologies such as ultra-low power microelectronics design and very high density packaging, including the development of titanium cans, laser welding for hermiticity and complex connectors. All of this needs to be done within the framework of fail-safe design principles and very high reliability.

We bring all of this technical expertise along with a strong background in biomaterials and a deep knowledge of biological systems. The understanding of biology includes anatomy, physiology, and disease process.

Some examples of our work in implantable devices include:

  • Implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)
  • Implantable gastric stimulator for obesity
  • Implantable stimulator for chronic pain
  • Implantable device for the treatment of epilepsy
  • Implantable device for atrial fibrillation

Currently, four InCube companies are focusing on implantables including Intrapace, which is developing an implantable device to treat obesity; Spinal Modulation which is developing a novel therapy for the management of chronic pain with an implantable microstimulator; Neurolink which is developing a novel therapy for epilepsy; and Corhythm which is focused on the treatment of AFIB.