Diagnostics is a vast area, and the range of technologies and the complexity of these devices is impressive. For instance, a modern ultrasound imaging machine, such as the one developed by Zonare, is built on a complex platform of digital signal processors and software, implementing complex imaging algorithms. The device has the power of two Cray-2 supercomputers packaged in a four pound box.

At the other end of the spectrum are simple diagnostic tools including ECG monitors, EEG monitors, blood glucose meters, and a host of biochemical assays for the detection of various molecules.

Here are a few examples of our work in diagnostics:

  • Novel ultrasound imaging (Zonare)
  • Neuro diagnostic devices (Physiometrix)
  • Depth of anesthesia devices (Physiometrix)
  • Diagnostic ambulatory ECG recording
  • Other
    • Ambulatory wireless EEG monitoring for epilepsy
    • Lung sounds
    • Solid state pH sensors
    • Non-contact respiration sensing