Oral Biotherapeutics

While drug delivery technology platforms such as transdermal and inhalation have made significant strides, oral delivery of biotherapeutic agents is still viewed as the "holy grail" of drug delivery. In most cases, oral drug delivery of biotherapeutic agents is not possible due to their degradation in the GI tract, necessitating frequent and painful injections. Due to its convenience, oral is almost always the preferred route of drug administration. For drugs that are not yet delivered as pills, new advancements are making oral drug delivery possible. The potential to create new revenue streams for pharma companies with new innovative approaches to oral drug delivery cannot be understated.

We are working on unique oral drug delivery platforms that prevent degradation of the drug molecule in the GI tract, provide high bioavailability and extend shelf life. These low cost and scalable approaches are especially attractive for delivering peptide and protein therapies and can dramatically improve patient outcomes. Contact us to learn more about our novel technologies for oral drug delivery.

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