Currently, inhalation technologies are commonly used for treating COPD, asthma and other respiratory diseases. For instance, metered dose inhalers are inefficient with just 15% of the drug being delivered to the lungs in a best case scenario. This is caused by the difficulty to coordinate inhalation with actuation. Dry power inhalers pose their own challenges requiring peak inhalation, while most patients in need of these drugs don't have the ability to inhale deeply. Nebulizers also are enormously inefficient with only 1% of the drug being delivered.

We have been working on novel inhalation approaches to address these challenges including sensor based efficient pulmonary and intranasal delivery of both liquid aerosol and dry powder. Our technologies are optimized for deep intrapulmonary delivery and designed for ease of use, not requiring patients to time their breath.

We are currently seeking pharmaceutical partners in this area.